🏁 A Hand-Built Fat Scooter with Formula One Wheels

Plus futuristic Super73 mods, no-weld steel frames, and more.

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What You Need to Know Today

Let’s kick things off with some chopper-inspired electric bike builds. This minimalist setup from Deinwunschrad Cruiser Bikes is impressively clean and the quad-clamp front fork design is sure to turn heads…

… Going in a different direction, this stretched cruiser is rocking hardshell luggage cases and a teakwood battery compartment.

If you have some giant Formula One wheels laying around… why not turn them into a fat scooter? Unlike most fat scooters which are seated, this build from The Q features a standing geometry, hand-built frame, and a massive 25 kilowatt motor.

If you were inspired by that last one but only have one car-sized wheel available, not to worry; HennyButabi’s impressively clean build uses a slick motorcycle tire on a Porsche rim for the rear wheel, powered by two bolted-together hoverboard motors.

Did you know that you can build your own steel frames without welding? This thread from the Electric Bike Review forums has video instructions for working with square tube steel, plus build examples of a front rack and cargo trailer.

If you’re a fan of Super73 modding, you definitely want to check out Chronos Design on Instagram. This S2 customization gives off some seriously futuristic vibes!

Jackrabbit’s bike-style scooters are adorably small and relatively low on power, but not if you add a second motor! This sleek build from Ruined EVs features many other upgrades including larger street tires and a mountain bike suspension fork.

Riding an electric unicycle is a sure-fire way to elicit questions and comments from others on the road. This Kenyan Tiktoker took the time to explain his InMotion V12 to some traffic officers who were skeptical of the EUCs balance and control system, convinced there must be someone else with a remote controlling it.

You have probably heard of rollerblade suits, but what about an electric skateboard suit? Perhaps the most impressive part about Drew Dirksen’s Meepo Mini based build is that he completed it all in one day!

And finally, electric scooters have impressive torque due to small diameter wheels, so why not use them to tow a boat? At least two people have proven it can be done, though we wouldn’t recommend the “tying the boat trailer to your belt” method.