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Las Vegas launches from VinFast, Cake, Verge, and more.

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What You Need to Know Today

While it’s true that CES is on its way to becoming the preeminent American car show, the de facto place for auto execs to get together and do business, there were still tons of innovative one-, two-, three-, and (small) four-wheel devices whizzing around the Las Vegas convention centers and hotels this year. So this week we are recapping some of the most interesting new vehicles we saw:

You can add VinFast to the list of automakers that are getting into in electric bikes. The Vietnamese electric SUV company unveiled a total of four new electric bikes at CES last week, including a foldable version, city commuter, and sports model. Because the company didn’t provide much detail about when the bikes will go into production, it’s fair to question whether this could be a publicity stunt, given similar track records from other automakers. But before you write off them off, it’s worth noting that VinFast actually does have extensive experience making and selling mopeds in Asia. So maybe these new bikes really will see the light of day.

RCA, the electronics company known for inventing the VHS back in the ‘70s, debuted a new line of electric bikes, dirtbikes, and kickscooters.

Atmos Gear came out with a pair of $500 electric inline skates for zipping around town, and teased that an extra-lightweight set of motor-rollers (5.5 lb) will be coming soon.

Swedish motorbike maker Cake debuted its first ever pedal-assist bike. The $6,470 Cake Äik can reach speeds of up to 20 mph with a mid-drive motor (500W in the US; 250W in the EU), haul 176 lbs worth of cargo, and travel an Odyssey-like 223 miles per charge when equipped with 3 extra battery packs. Because it is geared toward people who earn their living on two wheels (tradespeople, delivery workers, etc), the bike can be customized with a wide array of racks, bags, trailers, and other utility gear.


Verge Motorcycles turned heads with its electric superbike, Verge TS, which features an elegant hubless design that eliminates parts like chains and cogwheels.

China-based Brightway made vehicle news too, showcasing its new Navee lineup featuring an eBike, plus scooters made for both retail and sharing.

A Canadian startup called GlüxKind unveiled an electric-assist stroller, prompting the question, would you pay $3,800 for a high-tech pram that you still have to push?

Chinese electric motorcycle startup Davinci brought its DC100 to U.S. shores for the first time and impressed CES visitors with the bike’s Road Warrior-esque design and ability to go 0-60 in three seconds.

This self-balancing electric motorcycle will follow you around

CES also saw new micromobility solutions launched by GreenWorks, Heybike, and many more, but we covered those in earlier newsletters.

Okay that’s enough about CES! In other news, Sweden-based Vässla is earning high marks for its stylish new Pedal electric bike, winning gold in the German Design Awards. Vässla’s founder will speak about how subscription can make durable, quality bikes more accessible next week at Micromobility World.

On average it takes 21 days to sell a used micromobility vehicle on Craigslist.

2023 is shaping up to be the biggest year for trikes since we were in kindergarten. Hot on the heels of Rad Power’s RadTrike launch, Lectric just unveiled its own electric three-wheeler for riders who want more stability and comfort than a bike has to offer. As you might expect of the budget-friendly brand from Arizona, the Lectric XP Trike is shockingly affordable at a mere $1,499. Details about the XP Trike are scarce for now, but you can expect the inside scoop from Lectric’s CEO next week at Micromobility World.

lectric xp trike teaser

Golf cart dealers in Florida are starting to add electric bikes to their showrooms as a way to lure in shoppers looking who are looking for a less expensive EV.

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this classy, new ultra-slim pedelec from Detroit Bikes for an old-fashioned pedal bike.

BMW plans to start selling its Motorrad CE04 electric moped in China after seeing success in India.

What it’s like to drive the most expensive tiny car in the world, the $300k Tango T600?

Tired of having your bike stolen? Dance, a subscription eBike service headquartered in Germany, claims its new anti-theft tech has 75% recovery rate. 

eBike brand Stealth brings Aussie outback energy to the city with the rugged new Overlander, an urban commuter that is designed to last with an aluminum alloy monocoque frame and 10-year warranty.

Japan’s Edgenity designed this slick-lookin’ eBike that is loaded with LED lights and airplane sensors to make night-riding safer. The bike’s projected price is $1,570, which isn’t bad! You could also just buy a some bike lights to brighten up your nocturnal adventures.

These ten-wheeled, motor-powered Moonwalker shoes let you walk 250% faster, so it feels like you have an airport moving sidewalk under your feet wherever you go.


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