Ampler and Cowboy Launch Dueling All-Road E-Bikes

Plus new rides from QuietKat, LiveWire, and more.

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What You Need to Know Today

Cowboy, a Belgian startup known for its high-design, high-tech e-bikes, just unveiled the Cross, its first all-road electric bike. Equipped with a 540Wh battery offering a 75 mile (120km) range, grippier pedals, and an integrated rear rack, the Cross promises enhanced functionality. Priced at €3,499 (about $3,825), it it also Cowboy’s first e-bike to feature a self-diagnostic app that monitors the vehicle’s condition to keep it on the road longer.

Image Credit: Cowboy

Cowboy isn’t alone. Ampler—another European manufacturer that is beloved for its smart, elegant e-bikes—just launched an all-road variant of the sporty Curt. The bicycle (€3,690 or about $4,000) is equipped with wider tires, fork mounts suitable for light gear bags, and a new 10-speed pedal-assisted drivetrain, thereby improving its adaptability to different terrains.

Luxury motorcycle maker Tarform just unveiled Vera, a two-wheeled EV that achieves 0-60 mph in a mere 3.5 seconds, reaching a top speed surpassing 85 mph, and boasting a range of 100 miles, all within a lightweight design that tips the scales at a mere 360 lbs. It sounds like an amazing bike, and with a $16,000 price tag, it better be.

Electric motorcycles can be amazingly waterproof, as this video, which shows a Ryvid Anthem being ridden battery-deep through floodwater, proves.

Harley-Davidson’s third electric motorcycle is on the way, according to the company’s LiveWire EV unit. It’s hard to discern much about the specs from the launch video, except that the handlebars seem to be a new tubular unit, with upside-down bar-end mirrors.

Could hydrogen be the future of motorcycles? MIT’s Electric Vehicle Team is building a hydrogen-powered electric motorcycle, using a fuel cell system, as a testbed for new hydrogen-based transportation.

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Want to see a Sur-Ron motorbike waterski across an alligator-infested pond? The state of Florida has you covered.

Periodic reminder: If you’re looking at buying a new bike from a brand you’ve never heard of before, and the stats on the website seem too good to be true, chances are it’s probably fake. 

VMAX is a new e-scooter brand in the U.S., and this week, we spent some time with the VX4, their flagship "do everything" model. It has three battery size choices, full suspension for riding on any terrain, and a surprisingly peppy motor that can be unlocked for up to 25 mph (40 kph). We take a deep dive into every aspect of the VX4, including a full range test. Watch here.

Thrill-seekers rejoice. BikTrik is introducing a new 2,300W full-suspension electric mountain bike. That’s powerful. So powerful in fact that the Canadian company had to develop a custom-built mid-drive system and specialized drivetrain just to handle it.

QuietKat is targeting hunters with its new Ranger AWD, a two-wheel drive electric bike that is designed to handle surfaces that are wet, loose, snowy, or muddy.

EV startup Telo secured funding this week for its pint-sized pickup, which is similar in length to a Mini Cooper. Is this tiny truck technically a micromobility vehicle? No, but it’s at least a step in the right direction size-wise.