🇳🇱 Announcing Micromobility Europe 2024

Plus Honda goes all-in on electric two-wheelers with $3B investment.

Big news: Micromobility Europe is returning to Amsterdam on June 5-6, 2024 for an immersive two-day celebration of small vehicles and their power to radically reshape our cities.

Join industry-defining founders, funders, brands, manufacturers, cities, startups, operators, developers, and influencers at our largest gathering yet, featuring two growth-focused days of unmatched networking, world-class speakers, heart-pumping test rides, breakthrough product launches, and more.

In between demos of all the coolest new rides (electric scooters, bikes, boards, buggies, and more), we’ll explore the macro trends that are reshaping mobility in cities around the world: ebike growth, the energy crisis, scooter-nomics, urban commuting, supply chain disruptions, 15-min cities, MaaS, delivery apps, ecommerce, safe streets, climate tech, capital allocation trends, and more. Don’t miss it!

What You Need to Know Today

Timely! An assessment of 65 global cities ranks Amsterdam the second best city in the world for urban mobility, squeezed between Helsinki (#1) and Stockholm (#3). The report highlights the complexity of transportation in dense cities, as well as the importance of investment in cycling infrastructure and walkable areas.

California’s largest lake might be hiding an enormous treasure. In a recent analysis from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, researchers claim the Salton Sea could contain enough lithium to make 382 million EV batteries.

Honda has made a huge commitment to electrifying its two-wheeler lineup, announcing a $3.4B investment. It will focus largely on countries with strong electric motorcycle and moped markets, with ten new models in the next two years and another 20 by 2030.

Shared micromobility provider TIER announced the layoffs of 22% of its global workforce. Operating in 22 countries in Europe and the Middle East, TIER is optimistic about reaching profitability in 2024.

British Columbia has launched a four-year study into the safe integration of scooters into city transportation systems. The new study replaces a pilot program which found that 48% of micromobility trips replaced trips by gas-powered vehicles.

Micromobility finds a way. After Paris banned shared scooters in August, usage of dockless bikes more than doubled in the city, according to new research. The same study finds that bikesharing rides (docked and dockless) are outpacing scootersharing rides (seated and standing) across Europe.

New York State is considering legislation that would require ebike shop owners to implement enhanced safety precautions. Drafted as a response to New York City’s rampant battery fire problems, the bill would also mandate battery safety certifications statewide.

The Indian state of Punjab is combating alarming levels of smog by using ebikes as part of the solution. A new initiative will offer electric bikes to government employees as part of a leasing arrangement.

India’s Ola Electric, often likened to Tesla in the West, has seen significant success, selling 338,000 electric mopeds in about two years and being valued at $5.4B. However, the company faces challenges as its service network, with over 400 hubs, shows signs of strain, with backlogs, insufficient workforce, and spare parts shortages reported in some locations.

Ola Electric to offer test rides of S1, S1 Pro electric scooters after Diwali | HT Auto

Parking logistics represent a serious problem for shared micromobility services; an industry coalition has released a guidance document highlighting challenges and recommending solutions.

One possible solution is the use of AI to enforce parking rules. Shared micromobility provider Dott is doing just that, leveraging AI to instantly check parking photos submitted by riders.

Bolt’s latest service tier, Bolt Lite, permits drivers to utilize the compact (gas-powered) vehicle from Indian manufacturer Bajaj Auto. With fares up to 18% more affordable than full-size cars, Bolt Lite has gained popularity among passengers. Unfortunately, there have been incidents of reported assaults on Bajaj Qute drivers, allegedly carried out by other gig drivers who perceive them as competitors.

Toshiba has created a new lithium-ion battery suited for a wide range of applications, including electric vehicles. The new technology uses less nickel and is cobalt free, providing higher performance and reducing production costs.

EVE Energy, Electrum, and GWKC have signed a cooperation agreement, solidifying their plans to bring more motorcycle battery systems and battery swapping areas to the southeast Asian market.

Arizona-based Lectric eBikes is setting an admirable example by giving over $2M in ebike and cash donations in 2023. Founder Levi Conlow sat down with Electrek to discuss conscious capitalism and how successful companies can benefit their communities.