Aventon Enters the E-MTB Market

Plus new electric bikes from Trek and Cannondale, production commencement for Vmoto's premium Stash electric motorcycle, and more.

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What You Need to Know Today

E-bike manufacturer Aventon announced their first model with a mid-drive motor, and it’s a hard-tail mountain bike! The Ramblas is equipped with an A100 motor —made in-house by Aventon— with an impressive 100 newton-meters of torque. The bike is Class 1 to enable access to more trails, and is available in four frame sizes.

Aventon Ramblas Mid-Drive Electric Mountain Bike

The FX+ 2 is a new electric bike from Trek targeting first-time e-bike buyers on a budget, with a starting price of $1,999 USD. It’s rocking a Hyena hub motor —a surprise as most Trek e-models feature Bosch mid-drives— and has full support for the MIK accessory system.

California-based Ryvid —which notably won our Rider’s Choice award for Best Commuter Electric Motorcycle Company— announced a 3D parts catalog for the Anthem, their flagship model. This move demonstrates Ryvid’s support of open design and empowering riders to work on their own bikes for both repairs and modding.

Young micro-car lovers, rejoice! The Microlino Lite is a more affordable and accessible version of Micro’s popular electric bubble vehicle, with a top speed of 45 kph (28 mph) and a range of 100 km (62 miles). The best part? It’s classed as L6e, which teens of 14+ years with a moped license can drive it (though other restrictions may apply for specific European countries).

Microlino Lite

Cannondale also has a new electric bike called the Moterra SL, a premium full-suspension MTB with a carbon fiber frame weighing just under 20 kg (44 lbs). It features electronic shifting, 150mm of suspension travel, and Shimano’s excellent EP801 mid-drive motor.

Vmoto’s Stash electric motorcycle is fully production ready and expected to hit UK’s streets in April. It’s their most premium model yet with impressive performance, eye-catching design, and a storage compartment big enough for a full-face helmet.

Ultraviolette Automotive, an electric motorcycle manufacturer based in Bengaluru, unveiled a new superbike concept created by students at Mantra Academy. Dubbed the Apex-21, it features an intimidatingly aggressive stance and is packed with advanced technology like magnetic suspension and active aerodynamics.

Mantra Academy Students with the Apex-21 Concept Bike

The Oben Rorr is a premium electric motorcycle entering the Indian market, with suite of advanced features including driver assistance alerts and anti-theft, not to mention a five-year warranty. It’s fully designed and built in India, and Oben plans to install over 12,000 charging stations across the country.

Also in India is the M16, a cruiser-styled electric motorcycle from startup mXmoto. It’s starting price of Rs. 1.98 lakh (~ $2,400 USD) makes it significantly more expensive than the company’s first MX9 model, but it’s also significantly more premium with fast charging, cruise control, and a range of up to 220 km (137 miles).

Vvolt announced a new utility electric bike called the Slice Lite. It features an unusual pairing of a 24” rear wheel with a smaller 20” one up front, as well as an advanced multi-sensor pedal assist system, a Gates Carbon Belt drive, and a heavy-duty cargo rack option.

Vvolt Slice Lite

Maui Bikes, which is actually based in Canada (not Hawaii), is entering the US market with two new e-bike models. Technically, the new bikes are updated versions of the company’s popular Hera and Bronte models, both of which are fat-tire models that blend utility with adventure riding.