🖤 Best Black Friday Deals in Micromobility from +150 Brands

Plus a miniature electric van, new ebikes from Lotus and Benno, and more

BFCM: Right now is the best time of year to purchase small electric vehicles, with huge Black Friday / Cyber Monday discounts stacked on top of existing sales as manufacturers compete to move excess inventory in a crowded market.

Sifting through all the available deals can be daunting, but not to worry; we’ve done it for you! Whether you’re looking for electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, or simply some accessories, we’ve got it all covered on our Ride Review Black Friday Deals page, featuring 150+ top brands.

What You Need to Know Today

Swiss manufacturer VMAX has been making electric scooters for the European market since 2015, and now their VX2 Pro model is available in the U.S.

Lotus is known for luxury sports cars but they also have three decades of experience manufacturing bicycles. They recently announced the Type 136, a sleek high-end electric road bike that features V-shaped handlebars and vaulted chain stays for enhanced aerodynamics, with the battery cleverly disguised as a water bottle. The standard Type 136 will be available for purchase in early 2024, with an eye-popping starting price of £16,999.

Whyte Bikes announced their E-Lyte series of lightweight electric mountain bikes, designed with contemporary geometry and 29” wheels for all-terrain use. All of the new models feature carbon frames and Bosch’s latest-and-greatest SX mid-drive motor, with a weight of just 16.4 kg (36.1 lbs).

Tesla’s Cyberquad for kids is back on sale now that manufacturer Radio Flyer has addressed the safety issues that led to a 2022 recall of the product. Despite what the ATV design might suggest, this Cybertruck-inpsired quad is intended for on-road use only and has a top speed of 10 mph (16 km/h).

Japanese automaker HW ELECTRO is setting sights on the U.S. market with a miniature electric van dubbed the PUZZLE. With a total length of just 3.4 meters (11 ft 2 in), this tiny two-seater is packed with technology and utility tools including rooftop solar panels, AC outlets, WiFi connectivity, and emergency tools.

Fans of full-size folding bikes will like Hornback’s new X1, a new ebike from India with 28 inch wheels and a unique folding mechanism that rotates the rear wheel forward on the vertical axis.

Also launching in the Indian market is the Mantis, an electric motorcycle from Orxa Energies. With a range of 221 km (137 miles) and a top speed of 135 km/h (84 mph), the Mantis is intended to compete against the likes of Ultraviolette, Revolt, and Oben Electric.

Verge Motorcycles has been eyeing the U.S. market for some time, and they’re now one step closer after announcing the TS Pro California Edition. This eye-catching seasonal design is built on Verge’s integrated hub motor platform, eliminating the need for a final drive system and providing an impressive 1,000 newton-meters (737.5 lb-ft) of torque.

DirtFirst Racing and Hollywood Movie Bikes have collaborated to build the EE18 Rockstar Edition, an electric dirtbike intended for use by riders 12-16 years old who want to start transitioning to full-sized electric motocross bikes.

California based Haro Bikes announced the Skwad LT, a compact electric bike designed for commuting. It specializes in hauling cargo, using the AtranVelo System to mount a variety of bags, baskets, and other accessories.

Electric cargo bike specialist Benno announced the 46er, a new ebike that’s more compact and nimble than their typical long-tail models, but still capable of hauling 190 kg (419 lbs) of cargo.