🤑 Black Friday: Ebikes, Scooters + More

Huge savings on top-sellers from leading brands

While Black Friday doesn’t officially kick off for another 48 hours, the savings on electric bikes, scooters, boards, mopeds, and motorcycles are already rolling in. 

Ride Review’s comprehensive shopping guide is up to nearly 100 amazing deals, and we’ll be adding more every day up until Cyber Monday.

On tap, major micromobility brands, such as Rad Power, Cowboy, Aventon, Apollo, Gocycle, Lectric, Unagi, Super73, Brompton, Niu, and Juiced, are serving up unprecedented discounts, with some top-selling models going for as little as ½ price.

Here we’ve rounded up a selection of the best deals and biggest savings from a few of our favorite brands. Check out the full guide here.

Electric Bikes

Rad Power has deals worth up to $500 off select ebikes right now, including the highly versatile RadRover 6 Plus High-Step (review). But move fast: some models are already sold out!

Ever dreamt of owning a G4 (review)? Right now is your chance to grab Gocycle’s highly bespoke, highly coveted folder for $2,999, or 25% off.

Aventon is famous for producing well-performing, budget-friendly ebikes, like the fat-tired Class 3 Aventure (review). And this holiday season, the Chinese manufacturer is making its rides extra affordable by knocking $200 off its entire lineup.

Raleigh is slashing up to 50% on a wide selection of their city, hybrid, folding, and mountain bikes this season.

Belgium-based Cowboy is selling its stylish C4 (review) commuter for $500 less than usual for the rest of November.

Affordable and stylish European electric bike Cowboy is coming to America | Electrek

Lectric’s Black Friday special allows you to save up to $300 on ebikes, and $277 on accessories. This is a great chance to pick up the highly accessible folding XP Lite (review) for even less than normal.

Want to own the quietest hog on your block? Harley-Davidson’s ebike imprint, Serial 1, is offering up to $1,500 off select rides. Urban commuters should check out the connected Mosh Cty cruiser (review).

Get cruiser comfort with off-road capabilities and a 15% discount, including on the fat-tired Cruiser (review), during Himiway’s Black Friday sale.

While it’s not explicitly labeled a Black Friday deal, several ebikes from Giant’s lineup, including the Roam (review), Talon (review), Explore (review), and Stance (review), are on sale for between 16-21% off at the moment.

During “Cyber Week,” you can take $150 off all in-stock Super73 models, including the extremely fun R Series (review). That should help offset the cost of shipping the BMX-inspired mini bike to your door. Plus you get a free jacket with your purchase.

Super73 R-Series e-bikes unveiled with 2,000 W motor and 75 mile range

Looking for an SUV replacement? Bunch’s Original cargo ebike (review) is perfect for hauling large quantities of people and stuff around town, and right now, it is 13% off. 

Style, performance, utility. Blix Bikes has it all and this Black Friday season, you can have a Blix for up to $300 off. The ever-popular Vika folding ebike (review) is on sale too.

This sale will get you juiced: Save up to $800 on Juiced ebikes, including the pint-sized, fat-tired Ripracer (review).

Estonian ebike maker Ampler proves Europeans can celebrate Black Friday too, offering 500€ off all Gen1 and 400€ off all Gen2 bikes.

Get one of the world’s most compact folding ebikes, the Brompton Electric C Line (review), with 20% when you apply the code RIDEOUT2022 at checkout.

Electric Scooters

Known across the world for its electric sit-down scooters, Niu is equally accomplished as a builder of electric kick scooters. This year you can snag many of the Chinese manufacturer’s top models, including the already pocketbook-friendly KQi2 Pro (review), for between 20-25% off

Apollo is slashing prices by $200-600 for its entire catalog of commuter and adventure scooters for “Black Friday Month,” including the high-performing entry-level Apollo Air (review). Select accessories and upgrades are on sale too. 

Segway is letting go of its stalwart F Series (review) for 12% off on Amazon.

This year you can take home Unagi’s foldable flagship Model One (review) for 40% off, or $590, but if leasing is more your thing, the company’s annual subscription is also on sale for 35% off, or $288/year.

Unagi Model One Review: A Light and Portable Urban Scooter | WIRED

Use our special friends'n'family code RIDEREVIEW75 to save an extra $75 on the Levy electric scooter this week. We like the Levy Plus version (review) for its extremely long range. 

The hard-charging Wolf King GT (review) is on sale at Voro Motors for $600 off, among other great deals.

The Hiboy Titan (review) is one of the best-rated electric scooters around, and right now, you can save $300 when you buy it.

Pure Electric, a new UK brand that is pinning its hopes on Britain legalizing electric scooters, is getting in on the Black Friday fun with deals worth up to £150 off.

Everything Else

Ownboard is cutting the price of the Zeus Pro electric skateboard (review) down by $400.

Ride Italian style in the form of the Aventura-X moped for 10% less.

China-based Meepo is letting its electric skateboards go for up to $530 off right now, including the high-powered Hurricane (review).

Volcon is one of the few electric powersports brands we’ve seen with a Black Friday deal (technically it’s a “Year’s End Sales Event,” but we’ll count it), offering $2,000, or 25%, off the Grunt adventure motorcycle (review).

2022 Volcon Grunt first ride review: Big tires, big fun, low bar for entry - CNET