Cameras, Radar, and AI: Starmatter update for Verge Motorcycles

The electric motorcycle manufacturer announced multiple improvements to their Human-Machine Interface software.

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What You Need to Know Today

Look and Cixi are developing an e-bike that has no physical drive system. Unlike most e-bikes that use a chain or belt drive, the Rover 45 uses sensors and wires to detect pedaling and activate the motor, and can recharge from pedaling while coasting or stopped.

Indian startup Raptee Energy is set to launch their electric motorcycle in April of 2024. It features fast-charging capabilities at any CCS2 charging station, with a range of 150 km (93 miles) and a 0-60 time of just 3.5 seconds.

Valeo announced improvements to their Cyclee drive system, which combines a motor with an internally geared transmission. Upgrades include reduced sound output, a new display & control unit, and smartphone integration for convenience and security features.

Spanish startup Crow Bicycles has specialized in electric gravel bikes since their beginning in 2020, and now they’ve announced a new series called Gravital. The bikes are powered by Fauza’s drive system which can be completely removed, reducing overall weight to only 23 lb (10.6 kg).

"The Crow Gravital UL 2 AXS and Crow Gravital SL 1 AXS offer exceptional performance, both with and without assistance"

Verge Motorcycles unveiled new riding software that uses cameras, radar, and AI to improve ride experience and safety. This is part of Verge’s “Human Machine Interface” (HMI) and will be used on their upcoming TS Ultra model.

Segway announced the latest generation of the Ninebot E2 Pro, replacing the previous E2 Plus version. It’s an electric kick scooter featuring integration with Apple Find My, as well as improved battery performance for 20% more range than the E2 Plus.

Riley’s ultra-foldable scooter is coming to the US market. The RS3 has additional fold joints in the deck and stem and weighs only 30 lbs (14 kg), making it a great fit for riders who want to carry it along on a bus or subway.

The RS3 electric scooter features a durable, weather-resistant aluminum-alloy frame

The Wind Peak is a new high-end electric mountain bike with enduro geometry and a carbon fiber frame. It’s the first foray into electric and MTBs for Spanish manufacturer Finna, previously known for their minimalist road and gravel bicycles.

Electric mopeds from Ola Electric will soon include Ola Maps, part of the MoveOS 4 software update which begins rolling out today. Other features include security features, improved fast-charging and regeneration, and a “Ride Journal” that tracks performance over time.

Jetcycle makes pedal-powered recumbent hydrofoils and now they have an electric version. The E-Jetcycle has a top speed of 19 km/h (12 mph) with a beginner-friendly triple hull design.