China Clamps Down on Sketchy E-Bike Batteries

Plus, the Maeving RM1S e-moto improves on a classic and the QuietKat Apex HD e-bike is a beast for the backcountry

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What You Need to Know Today

China is enacting stricter regulations on exported micromobility batteries to address production quality and reduce fire risk. Starting in November, Beijing will begin enforcing 22 new standards that entail battery overcharging and over-discharging, thermal runaway, case durability, external short circuits, and several more design and construction elements.

If summertime makes you miss snowboarding, then the Hammer Sledge from Backfire Boards might just be for you. This massive electric land board is equipped with double kingpin trucks for satisfying deep carves, plus six-inch pneumatic wheels that can roll over just about anything. Dual 1600-watt motors use belt drives and are specced for a good balance of torque and speed, powered by a massive lithium polymer battery pack that's segmented so it can flex with the board. Check out our review here.

The Stromer ST5 Pinion e-bike just won the prestigious Red Dot Design ‘Best of the Best Award.’ The ST5 Pinion isn’t just about clean design, it’s built around the premium Pinion C1.9 Smart Shift internal gearbox, which offers silky smooth shifting and a carbon belt drive that requires minimal maintenance. Range anxiety won’t be a concern with a hefty 983Wh battery that Stromer claims can get up to 112 miles of range.

QuietKat is a leader in serious e-bikes for backcountry utility, and the new 2024 Apex HD and HD don’t disappoint. These super-durable e-bikes are equipped with 1000W motors, internal gear shifting, and a motorcycle chain (vs. a bicycle chain) to handle the roughest conditions and not leave you stranded miles from camp.

Maeving’s RM1 has been a hit with UK riders, but customers wanted more power and higher top speeds. The new Maeving RM1S, with a top speed of 70mph and a retro-futuristic design, looks like an ideal city commuter.

Image Credit: Maeving

MiRiDER used feedback from its dealer network to develop its latest compact e-bike, the MiRiDER 24. Space-saving features like a folding handlebar stem, pedals, and a removable saddle and post make the MiRiDER 24 an excellent choice for leisure riders who want to travel with their e-bike.

Italian electric motorbike builder Tacita uses Dakar Rally endurance racing as its test lab for its new models, including the new Enduro, Motard, and Motorally models. Tacita uses a 5-speed gearbox, which is rare for electric motorcycles, because it helps the bikes run more efficiently and preserves battery range.

Okai is known for building reliable e-bikes and e-scooters for rideshare operators, but did you know they also sell two-wheelers for personal use? The China-based company just revealed its 2024 lineup, including 3 new e-bike models. The LyteCycle EB60 integrates a light bar into the handlebars for improved safety, along with a torque sensor to deliver a more natural ride, while the OKAI E-Kargo EB70 is Okai’s utility offering with a 440 lb weight capacity and cargo attachment accessories. Rounding out the new models is the TraVRS EB80, which is designed for tech-savvy riders. It has smartphone connectivity for enhanced navigation and integrated AirTag support for added security.

Image Credit: Okai

A former employee reveals that the now-defunct SONDORS cut corners and dismissed the engineering team’s concerns about production and quality control issues. Apparently, there are still some questions about whether the company’s flagship motorcycle, the Metacycle, was even street-legal!

The Smol is a minimalist urban commuter e-moto from French startup J2R Dynamics that’s in the design phase. The compact chassis accommodates one or two interchangeable batteries, allowing the rider to balance between optimal handling performance and extended range.

Frustrated by not being able to ride his skateboard on cobblestone streets in his town of Porto, Portugal, an engineer designed a skateboard that affixes to trolley and tram rails for smooth downhill fun.

Ridley is the latest performance road bike brand to produce an all-road e-bike. The E-Grifn lives up to Ridley's renowned standards of quality. It features a Mahle X20 rear-hub motor that delivers 55Nm of torque paired with a seamlessly integrated 350Wh battery within the frame. (A 171Wh range extender that fits in the bottle cage is also available.)

Incorporating an ICE on an electric motorcycle may feel like a step backward in micromobility, but it does offer a solution for riders in rural areas or have limited charging infrastructure. The SYM PE 3 hybrid scooter positions a small ICE to continuously charge 2 batteries and provide “unlimited range.”

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