🧑‍⚖️ Court Rules Ebikes Are Not Motorbikes

At Least in Europe.

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What You Need to Know Today

In a landmark ruling, the European Union Court of Justice has declared that ebikes should be classified as bicycles, not motorbikes, because they are “not propelled exclusively by mechanical power” and are “incapable of causing damage comparable to motorcycles or cars.” As a result, ebike riders will be exempted from motor vehicle insurance in Europe. Overall ebike laws tend to be more relaxed in the U.S., but consumers and businesses still have to contend with an ever-changing mix of state, local, and federal rules, including trade barriers, product bans, and regulations — all topics we will delve into deeply with legal experts this week at Micromobility America. 

RMI has a new ebike calculator tool that can help city policymakers and advocates quantify the environmental and economic benefits of replacing short-distance vehicle trips with ebike trips.

A recent report from StreetLight Data found that the number of daily bike trips in the U.S. increased 37% during the pandemic; now a new map reveals where micromobility usage gained the most.

New updates to cycling navigations in Google Maps will give Londoners improved access to data on traffic conditions and the availability of high-quality bike lanes.

Colorado is expanding its trailblazing ebike program. The state is offering up another $2.5M in funding for local and tribal governments to implement their own rebate programs.

California Governor Gavin Newsom just signed legislation that approves the installation of speed cameras in six California cities, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, to increase rider and pedestrian safety.

Slow Down, SoCal: Speed Cameras Are Coming to LA, Long Beach, Glendale | LAist

… Governor Newsom also vetoed a bill that would have allowed cyclists to ride on sidewalks if the streets did not provide protected bike lanes. Supporters of the bill claim that the governor’s decision will force vulnerable road users to share the street with dangerously large motor vehicles.

Electric motorcycle startup Land Energy has raised $7M in Series A funds, with the goal of scaling up its U.S. manufacturing base.

On this week’s episode of Ride On! James interviews Scott Colosimo, CEO of Land Energy, about the latest funding round, shifting production to Ohio from China due to IP theft, and the motorcycle market at-large.

British prime minister Rishi Sunak has proclaimed that the United Kingdom is a “nation of drivers,” even though 22% of households don’t own a car.

As part of a new pilot program, Los Angeles will give $150 a month to 1,000 low-income residents to cover public transportation expenses, including bikeshare.

Bengaluru-based Ola Electric is launching a parcel delivery service carried out by its own electric two-wheelers. Ola will enter a competitive space shared with Swiggy Go and Uber, among other.

Eight ebike models by Denago, a Texas-based manufacturer, have earned UL2849 certification, a safety badge that is quickly becoming an industry standard.

As a result of increasingly stringent regulations, the number of shared scooter and bike trips in San Diego have plummeted from 1M to 595,000 since last year.

Bzzt and MoveByBike, a pair of micromobility-based delivery platforms from Sweden, have merged and are now on the hunt for more acquisition.

Speaking of Sweden, Stockholm just announced that it will ban all petrol and diesel cars from the city center by 2025, making it the first big capital to do so. Will electric cars be far behind?

… After all, fewer cars (ICE or otherwise) can mean more business for cities. A new study found that New York City’s 2022 holiday season Open Streets initiative—which closed 11 blocks around Fifth Avenue near Rockefeller Center to vehicle traffic—gave business on the pedestrianized corridor a $3M boost.

Acer, a Taiwan-based brand known for its hardware and electronics, has announced its entry into the Indian electric moped market under a licensing agreement with Mumbai-based Think Ebikego. The partnership will target B2B use-cases, such as food and grocery delivery.