Hey, Europe: Get ready for us

Stay tuned to find out where and when our next European event will be held

Big news: Next week we will announce the city and date for our European Micromobility Conference—including venue, pricing, and how to get early bird tickets—but first…

Nice to Meet You

Hello. Guten tag. Nǐ hǎo. Welcome to Micromobility’s weekly newsletter focused on unbundling the car with lightweight electric vehicles.

Who are we?

Simply put, we’re a group of riders, bikers, commuters, and, yes, drivers who are united by the idea that most people can make the majority of their personal trips without owning an automobile. Moreover, we believe that, with advances in low-cost, efficient modes of transportation like scooters and e-bikes, we are on the verge of a world-historic revolution in how we get around.

Allow us to explain.

Just as the mainframe was unbundled into the personal computer and the network and the PC itself was unbundled into phones, tablets, and wearables, transport is moving from monolithic all-in-one owned cars into ever-smaller on-demand vehicles that are optimized for journey length, payload, fleet use, utilization, energy consumed, and space allocated.

Our focus is on what this unbundling will entail and what we can do to accelerate it. It’s a transformation that is not only virtuous but highly profitable.

So what can you expect from this newsletter?

Every Tuesday, a fresh edition will hit your inbox brimming with news, analysis, and reporting. It’s the best way to stay current in the fast-changing world of micromobility. As a subscriber, you will also be among the first to receive announcements from our blog, podcast, and conference, which leads us to our next point…

We’re Coming to Europe

Rev your (electric) engines. Later this year the Micromobility Conference will touch down in a yet-to-be-announced European city.

Like our California summit, we will bring together leaders of both the private and public sectors, as well as enthusiasts and influencers from all around the world, for a series of can’t-miss presentations, panels, and demonstrations.

Check your inbox next week for the details, including location, venue, ticket information, and more.


On a special new episode of the podcast, our co-hosts Horace Dediu and Oliver Bruce distill many of the ideas of the first 20-plus episodes, from the definition of “micromobility” and the enabling technologies to, you guessed it, scooter mania.

If you’re new to micromobility, think of this as your all-in-one primer with everything you need to know. If you’re an early adopter, share this episode with friends and family to bring them around to the great unbundling.

In Case You Missed It…

Whether going around the block or across the country, many of us depend on a single machine, the automobile, for nearly all our trips.

Over on the blog, Horace looks at five categories of personal mobility and asks the question: “What is the minimal vehicle needed to deliver the mile demands at the speed demanded for that trip?”

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