McLaren Announces New e-MTBs and e-Scooters

Plus, our first impressions of Ryvid’s flagship e-moto.

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What You Need to Know Today

California-based Ryvid launched its flagship electric motorcycle, the Anthem, in 2023. It's Ryvid’s first model, but you wouldn't have guessed it based on the quality of the Anthem. It's designed for city commuting, and while it's certainly highway-capable with a top speed of 84 mph, riding on the highway miles will eat up the battery at an alarming rate. Highlights include: the adjustable-height seat and an easily removable 4.3KWh battery, mounted low and center to give the Anthem a perfect 50/50 weight distribution. Watch the full video review here!

The Lightning LS-218 e-motorcycle is the world’s most powerful (and fastest) electric motorcycle with a top speed of 218 mph - and it’s street legal.

Supercar builder McLaren is applying its race-proven technology to its new line of electric mountain bikes with a unique edge: carbon frames designed and built by McLaren. 4 different models will offer hardtail and full suspension frames and the choice of 250W or 650W motors.

McLaren isn’t stopping with e-MTBs. They are joining forces with Pure Electric to create a limited-edition e-scooter that pays tribute to the late Brazillian F1 driver, Ayrton Senna.

Image Credit: Pure Electric

NIU announced the new XQi3 e-motorcycle with two versions that share the same specs but differ in top speed. The street-legal Street tops out at 45 kph (28 mph), and the off-road-focused Wild has a top speed of 75 kph (47 mph).

If you are looking for the perfect mountain bike to take on your superyacht, Caviar has you covered with the HERZOG Royal Porsche e-MTB. Coated in 18-karat gold PVD titanium, this e-MTB (that you will never want to take outside) will only set you back $44,000.

German mobility startup Hopper Mobility has designed the 3-wheeled Hopper, which combines the flexibility, agility, and sustainability of an e-bike with the comforts and stability of a microcar. Production will begin in mid-2024; German customers can pre-order for €13,500 (about US$14,677).

Image Credit: Hopper Mobility GmbH

Does the idea of going car-free sound appealing? Here’s a first-hand account from a father who left his car behind and relied on e-bikes for four weeks. 

E-MTBs are heavier than conventional mountain bikes, making them harder to load onto your car’s rack. Grooveliner’s new electric or gas-assisted lift racks make it easy to mount up to five heavy e-MTBs on the back of your vehicle and transport them securely to the trail.

Danny MacAskill, the mountain bike trials riding master, has fun testing the limits of e-MTBs in the Scottish Highlands in a new video.

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Haryana-based two-wheeler manufacturer GT Force announced four new models for the Indian market ranging from affordable models starting at $690 to the top-of-the-line BLDC-powered GT Drive Pro, which has a range of 110km and a top speed of kph.

SP Connect offers the SPC+ iPhone case and integrated power bank that allows you to mount your phone to your handlebars and keep it charged during your rides.

Ride1Up announced a DRT version of the popular REVV 1 model. Available for pre-order at $2,495, the REVV 1 DRT is equipped for off-road riding with wider 2.4” knobby tires mounted on spoked wheels, a spring suspension, and moto-styled fenders and headlight.

Image Credit: Ride1Up

PS Want to learn more about how REVV 1 series of e-bikes are made? Here’s an inside tour of the Ride1Up factory.

Zigy is the single-seater microcar concept from Italian mobility designer Andrea Mocellin and Dexet Technologies.

The Swytch Go is now available to pre-order for $349 (£299). It includes a front wheel with a built-in 250-watt motor, a pedal sensor, and a Velcro-mounted battery pack that offers up to 60 miles of assisted range.

Image Credit: Swytch

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