No Mountains Needed: Cyrusher's 3,000 Watt Electric Snowboard

Plus a shape-shifting motorcycle, the Dubai Electric Scooter Cup, and more.

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What You Need to Know Today

Be sure and check out our latest review: an in-depth breakdown of Hiboy’s utility commuting scooter, the ECOM 14. With a seated riding position, integrated lights, and a sturdy rear rack and basket, it packs in a lot of practicality at a low price point. You can find the rest of our Hiboy reviews here.

Who needs hubs anyways? The Penn-E-Farthing is an electrified recreation of the classic penny-farthing, or high wheeler bicycle. You know, the ones with a giant front wheel? It’s built by YouTuber Chris Makes Stuff and powered by parts scavenged from a Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket.

Japan loves its miniature race replicas! Particularly during the 1980s when motorcycle racing saw a boom of popularity, and manufacturers like Suzuki capitalized with tiny collectible editions of popular racing bikes. The best part? They’re still 100% functional and street legal!

This next creation is actually a real product you can buy today… but it’s got Mod Monday vibes for sure. This electric snowboard is perfect for riders who have lots of snow but no mountains to slide down, as long as you’re okay with a giant spiked metal wheel spinning a few inches from your back foot.

DIY Not? Someone captured footage of a paraglider flying in the air on an electric moped. It’s piloted by Harsh from Punjab, who removed the battery first to reduce the two-wheeler’s weight enough to take it airborne.

If you’ve ever wanted to try an electric motorcycle conversion but were intimidated with where to start, then check out these conversion kits. Made by Electro & Co and Yamaha, these kits are designed for a variety of ICE motocross bikes ranging from child to adult sizes.

December of 2023 saw the inaugural Dubai Electric Scooter Cup, where the best scooter riders from around the world competed in a series of events on the streets of Dubai. Racers use the world’s fastest electric scooter, the RS-Zero, which has a terrifying top speed of 140 km/h (87 mph).

Should electric bikes be more standardized and upgradeable? Obviously modders will say yes, but as this article demonstrates, standardization of parts and technologies has many benefits for the average consumer, including reduction of both costs and environmental impacts.

A motorcycle’s geometry has a huge effect on the riding experience, which usually means needing multiple bikes if you do multiple styles of riding. That’s where Ziggymoto’s Shapeshift 3 comes in, using sliding components that transform the geometry from cafe racer to dirt bike, and everything in-between.

Is it still a trike if all three wheels are inline? This new model from German startup Dolas is certainly a unique take on the concept of a cargo e-bike, with three hub motors and the ability to transform into a tandem bike.