Part Skis, Part Scooter: Urban Carving on the Skwheel

Plus a go-kart built out of a hand truck, a mountain bike powered by sled dogs, and more.

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What You Need to Know Today

The Skwheel is a creative mobility solution from the French startup of the same name. Part ski, part roller blade, part electric scooter, with four motors and pneumatic tires for carving on any terrain.

Move over, electric: dog power is here! Youtuber Krilledass takes being eco-friendly to a whole new level, using a team of sled dogs to assist his mountain bike on long rides.

YouTuber Woodland Demars made good use of a Saturday night by creating what might be the world’s smallest electric bike. It’s only 20 in (51 cm) long, with rubber epoxied right onto the hub motor for a somewhat sketchy (but fully operational) drive system.

If you’re a moddder in search of inspiration, you can’t go wrong with this megathread from the ESK8 forums. Mr. Electronicist repurposed a motorized wheelchair to tow people and cargo in a small trailer.


AI is hot and mobility companies are all testing out ways to use it. Shimano is using it to improve e-bike ride comfort with suspension components that can automatically adjust based on the terrain, as well as learning the rider’s habits over time.

Do moving dollies remind you of go-karts? Most people would probably say no, but not YouTuber Gambler Spec, who converted a hand truck from Harbor Freight into a drift-capable electric go-kart.

Have you heard of Barcelona’s Bike Bus? Sadly, not a giant pedal-powered bus, but it’s still pretty cool. Hundreds of kids bike to school in giant convoys, riding along designated routes with adult escorts. It’s since spread to more cities around the globe, most recently Vancouver BC.

Building a Global 'Bike Bus' Community | TheCityFix

There’s no telling if this concept electric bike from Top Secret will ever be a finished product, but we definitely like the futuristic design! It features hubless wheels and airless tires, which are instead filled with foam.

You probably know you shouldn’t throw an old e-bike battery in the trash… but what should you do with it? This guide provides several recycling options, as well as more information about why it matters so much.

Kawasaki isn’t the only one working on hydrogen-fueled motorcycles. The MIT Electric Vehicle Team assembled their own two-wheeler powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, getting bonus points for starting with an old ICE motorcycle and converting it.

MIT Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Motorcycle