Rad Power Bikes Raises the Bar on Fire Safety

Plus Zero's simulated clutch in development for electric motorcycles, new electric bikes from Specialized, Canyon, and Ride1Up, and more.

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What You Need to Know Today

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It’s not officially spring yet, but the onslaught of new e-bike models has already begun! Rad Power Bikes just announced a slew of updates, headlined by their new Safe Shield battery technology, which goes above and beyond UL certification by encasing individual cells in fire-resistant resin. The company also announced multiple tech upgrades (including torque sensors!) for the 5th generation of the RadWagon and RadExpand, as well as a brand new model called the Radster.

Ride1Up announced the LMT’D V2, refreshing one of its more popular models with several upgrades including a torque sensor, fenders, and a rear light. Interestingly, the ebike appears to now be using the same frame as the Turris —another of their models, which makes it a bit heavier— and the front fork has changed from coil to air, which could be an upgrade or a downgrade depending on your riding style.

Many companies are trying to incorporate AI into their products this year. We get it, AI is hot, but please integrate it in a useful way! Orbic is setting a good example, unveiling a new e-bike with AI-powered object detection and collision avoidance technology. It’s also 5G connected with a fairly advanced display that offers mapping and tracking functionalities, as well as serving as a mobile WiFi hotspot.

Bicycle manufacturing titan Specialized is going after the premium electric cargo segment with the Porto, a long-tail model with a payload capacity of 200 kg (440 lbs). It’s using a proprietary rear rack compatible with the MIK HD quick-connect system, which enables use with a huge array of cargo-related accessories already on the market.

Specialized Porto Electric Cargo Bike (Photo credit: Specialized)

Even e-skate companies are making e-bikes now! Evolve Skateboards announced Project BMX, which is (as the name implies) an electric BMX bike powered by a mid-drive Bafang M560 motor. This is an exciting development as few companies have ventured into the e-BMX sector, and Evolve looks to have done a good job preserving the iconic BMX look and feel.

Many ICE motorcycle riders are hesitant to switch to electric because they’ll miss having a clutch. The “twist-and-go” simplicity of electric models means losing the increased control and more engaging experience of shifting through the gears, which is actually pretty important for adventure and performance riders. Some e-moto manufacturers are taking note, with Zero Motorcycles filing a new patent for a simulated clutch and gearbox.

India-based Ather Energy continues to tease more information for their upcoming family-sized electric moped, the Rizta. It’s expected to have a massive under-seat storage compartment, and an XXXXXL-sized seat. We have to hand it to Ather’s marketing department for their creative advertising!

Ather Rizta billboard with gigantic scooter seat (Photo credit: Ather Energy)

ILL Moto, which was co-founded by Michael Riis Eriksen of Switch Motorcycles, is working on an electric MX bike called the PDQ1. It boasts a massive 600 newton-meters of torque and can accelerate to 100 kph (62 mph) in just 3.9 seconds, and while pre-order isn’t open yet they’re targeting a starting price of €10,000 for early backers.

Golf karts are increasing in popularity outside the fairway, used as affordable and climate-friendly car alternatives. Kandi America’s newest model is a two-seater and smaller than average, and the chassis can collapse down to a length of just 5.5 feet (158 cm) for storage.

Honda’s UNI-ONE is a quirky recreational mobility device, essentially a self-balancing wheelchair that can move in any direction and is controlled via rider posture. It’s designed to work in tandem with a virtual reality headset, and expected to come to the US in spaces like malls and theme parks.

Honda UNI-ONE Entertainment Mobility Device (Photo credit: Honda)

Canyon announced the Grizl:ON, an electrified version of their popular adventure gravel bike, the Grizl. It’s intended for more aggressive riders, equipped with both a suspension fork and a dropper seatpost, and is powered by Bosch’s ultra-lightweight SX mid-drive platform.

Utah-based Fezzari Bicycles is rebranding, now simply called Ari. Along with their rebrand is a new electric mountain bike called the Nebo Peak, a lightweight all-mountain model that uses GA-Link technology in the chainstay pivot, allowing riders to adjust geometry for optimal fit.

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