🗳 Rider’s Choice Awards Are Back

Plus meet the Electric Rider Alliance.

We’re back! Coming off the success of last year’s Rider’s Choice Awards, in which +50,000 votes were cast, the small EV industry’s largest online event returns for its second-ever edition. 

This year every nominee will get their own voting page (for example, here is Lectric’s page). Anyone can vote by signing in using our verification system. We have 85 categories with more than 1900 companies eligible. 

We will run multiple qualifying rounds with the culmination coming at the Rider’s Choice Awards, which will air alongside Micromobility World, on January 25, 2024.

P.S. Looking for a recap of last week’s Micromobility America 2023 conference? We’ll have tons of awesome photos, video, and more coming very soon!

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What You Need to Know Today

Micromobility Industries has launched the Electric Rider Alliance! This not-for-profit membership program aims to unite the small electric vehicle community and improve standards, lobbying, governance, and more through global partnerships, education, and discussion. Interested in joining us? Sign up to learn more here.

As well, our global ebike incentive tracker is back and bigger than ever. The database now features nearly 400 rebates, grants, subsidies, and vouchers—from Seattle to Singapore, Berkeley to Berlin—to help you get financial assistance to buy an ebike.

LSV maker GEM and software platform Joyride have joined forces to launch a new NEV that is keyless, connected, and street-legal. 

GEM low-speed vehicle powered by Joyride Software platform

A new report from the American Public Transportation Association reveals that Americans can save $13,000 a year by ditching their car.

As expected, the number of ebikes imported into the EU declined in the first half of 2023, a sign of the sales environment normalizing post-pandemic. According to Eurostat, imports between January and July declined by 15.58%, year-over-year.

On this week’s episode of Ride On! Ryvid CEO, Dong Tran, discusses the advancements and goals of the company in building electric motorcycles at their California HQ. He emphasizes local manufacturing, funding from the state of California, and innovative design techniques that allow for easier production and assembly.

Is the right turn on red becoming a thing of the past? Cities across the country like New York, Seattle, Washington D.C., and San Francisco have banned or are in the process of banning the practice. The policy comes in response to pedestrian deaths in the U.S. reaching the highest levels since 1981 with 7,508 deaths last year, a 77% increase since 2010. 

Along with red light policy change, San Francisco is planning on installing 33 speed cameras in areas with high crash rates, known risks, and school zones.

Segway and Metro Mobility’s highly anticipated ChargeLock Station is rolling out across the United States. Bike tour company Unlimited Biking is running the large-scale deployment of the patent-pending technology.

Segway ChargeLock

The CPSC has issued a warning against using Toos electric scooters after a recent battery fire.

A San Francisco shop has launched a new ebike subscription service called Friiway that connects first-time riders with brick-and-mortar service.

Texas-based EV manufacturer Ayro is showing that you don’t need a massive vehicle for heavy-duty jobs. The company’s lightweight electric truck, Vanish, is tiny enough to fit through double doors and can haul a 1,200 pound load (545 kg).

Bird is doing ebikes again. After ditching the idea of selling electric bicycles last year in order to focus on profitability, the scooter app now says it plans to release new pedelec models in 2024.

Danish ebike brand Mate is on the brink of insolvency and has asked a bankruptcy court to be allowed to restructure in an effort to save the business.

Rather than buy a second car, the Washington Post’s climate advice columnist Michael Coren recommends getting an ebike. Coren correctly points out that ebikes already outsell electric cars in the United States, but one small quibble: When did electric bikes stop counting as electric vehicles? (h/t David Zipper)


Children, particularly teenage boys, are hurting themselves on electric scooters at an alarming rate, leading pediatricians to call for better infrastructure and training.

UK-based lithium battery pack manufacturer Alexander Battery Technologies announced they will be opening a European facility to offer ebike OEMs in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) with a goal of speeding up time-to-market and improving supply chains.  

SARIT, a Canadian company that manufacturers miniature three-wheeled EVs, may have some powerful backers in its corner pulling, including Quebec Premier Doug Ford, billionaire Magna founder Frank Stronach, and former cabinet minister Frank Klees, who are pulling for better regulations.

Could this tiny EV be the next big thing in urban mobility? | Driving

New moped legislation in New York would require shops to register vehicles with the DMV prior to selling them to customers, closing a major loophole for illegal riding.

Very small electric cars are becoming a common sight in places like Japan, Italy, and France, but some question whether tiny four-wheelers ever take off in the U.S.

Daewoo, a South Korean automaker, is venturing into the two-wheeler market in India, one of the world’s fastest adopters of electric motorbikes.