đź›» Step Aside, Cybertruck: Motorcycle Tows Bus and Truck

Plus more triple-motor e-bikes, a Onewheel seated mod, and more.

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Micromobility Europe Is Back…

In case you missed it, last week we announced Micromobility Europe is returning to Amsterdam on June 5-6 for two laser-focused days networking, content, product launches, demos, and more (the video below sums up the experience nicely).

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What You Need to Know Today

Let’s kick things off with a triple motor electric bike built by Dude Stuff. This entertaining build video covers how challenging it can be to install a front hub motor on a 100 mm dropout… but it can be done!

It turns out that the “control by balance” mechanism of a Onewheel translates surprisingly well to seated operation. This creative seated mod from the Onewheel subreddit features wide handlebars for a mini chopper vibe.

What happens if you spin a skateboard wheel too fast? The good folks at May the Science Be With You reveal how the seemingly indestructible plastic polyurethane stretches and eventually rips apart from the extreme rotational forces.

This is our second week following Citizen Cycle’s triple-motor Ariel Grizzly build. It’s now dubbed “The Cocaine Bear” and this week’s episode showcases custom programming of the BBS02 mid-drive motor for better performance.

If you’ve been to Burning Man you’ve seen some impressive bike lighting setups. Scotty Hsieh specializes in mods that can handle harsh conditions - here’s a super-clean Super73 ZX setup with frame and rims covered in rainbow LEDs.

Tesla’s Cybertruck made headlines by towing a Porsche while drag racing. Ultraviolette’s co-founder Narayan Subramaniam took that idea and ran with it to extreme lengths, posting a video of their F77 electric motorcycle towing a truck and a bus at the same time.

Here’s something we don’t see as often: An ICE motorcycle converted to electric! Gaius Garage did just that with a Kawasaki KLX250sf enduro bike, even going the extra mile and building his own battery pack.

Assembling your own battery pack can seem daunting, especially considering the serious risk of dangerous or lethal accidents. This guide from Slash Gear covers the best and worst of available battery brands, useful information for both building your own packs and simply powering home electronics.

Domino’s custom delivery e-bikes are impressive, but this isn’t their first e-delivery rodeo. Back in 2019 they partnered with Rad Power Bikes for delivery models, and Redditor JosephDolla managed to snag one at a police auction

And finally, if you like doing custom builds you’ll eventually need to do some welding. Equipment for this can be expensive, although there are cheap welders on Amazon… are they any good? DEBOSS GARAGE tests them to find out.