❄️ Sur-Ron Snow Bike?

Plus a raptor buggy on a budget, battery charging tips, and more.

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What You Need to Know Today

Did you love remote control cars as a kid? Sur Ronster re-created his favorite childhood toy as a full-scale electric go-kart,  powered by a Sur-Ron Storm Bee motor and capable of 70 mph (113 km/h).

For most motorcycle riders winter means the end of riding season, but not for YouTuber Tyler Monagan, who converted his Sur-Ron X into a snow bike. It’s like a snowmobile, but much more agile and with a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h).

Sur-Ron’s popularity is no doubt helped by how easy their bikes are to customize. This clean build features an upgraded motor, larger brake rotors, and carbon fiber paneling.

There are epic Comi-Con costumes, and then there’s this adorable Jedi on a mini Landspeeder. It’s powered by an electric bike but you can barely tell thanks to the beautifully painted cardboard & duct tape shell.

Want to take your hoverboard game to the next level? We suggest converting it to a Raptor Buggy equipped with hand controls, a suspension seat, and LED fog blasters. 

Building your own ebike can save you a lot of money, especially if you’re thrifty about finding parts. This EBR forum member bought someone else’s custom build on Craigslist purely to salvage the electronics, and then used them for his own Rans LWB recumbent conversion.

Broken down ICE vehicles often end up wasting away in junkyards, which is a shame because they’re excellent candidates for electric conversions. RCLifeOn snagged an out-of-commission ATV on Marketplace and electrified it, using lithium-polymer batteries salvaged from an electric surfboard.

As recent events involving ebike battery fires have shown, charging your EV batteries isn’t as simple as “plug in and forget”. While using safety certified batteries is crucial, there are many other factors for charging safely and prolonging battery lifespans.

DIY electric skateboards are widely popular due to their relative simplicity and low cost, but Zac Builds takes it to the next level by building his own deck with epoxy instead of wood glue. It’s significantly more difficult from a construction standpoint, but results in a stronger and stiffer riding platform.

TRON fans will enjoy this Lightcycle-inspired fat-tired scooter. This video from YouTuber HennyButabi covers the entire build process, using hoverboard motors and wheels salvaged from an old ATV.

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