Tern Debuts Less Pricey Family-Hauling E-Bike

Plus, Bike Index uncovers huge Mexican bike theft operation and Nepalese e-moto gets CarPlay

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What You Need to Know Today

The founder of Bike Index, a bicycle registration service, tracks down a massive Mexican theft ring that’s been stealing thousands of high-end bikes in California and selling them in plain sight on social media.

Comodule is teaming up with 2Lock, the German e-bike lock brand, to create a contactless wheel hub locking system. Using both digital and physical mechanisms, the 2Lock system locks the e-bike wheel, immobilizes the drivetrain, and sounds an audible alarm when potential theft is detected. If the bike is stolen, the user can track the bike’s location.

Tern announced the new Quick Haul Long, the e-cargo bike that has the heavy-duty hauling capability of the Tern GSD without the GSD price tag. Starting at $3,700, the Quick Haul Long includes a mid-drive Bosch Cargo Line motor, 419 lb (190 kg) weight capacity and a built-in trailer mount for towing trailers or other bikes.

Image Credit: Tern

Nepalese startup Yatri Motorcycles announced the release of its new Project 1 Gen 2 electric motorcycle, which will be the first e-moto to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for smartphone integration.

BMW will launch its CE 04 e-moped in India next month, targeting more affluent customers willing to pay $12,000 USD for the luxury 2-wheeled ride.

Ekka embodies circular design with two e-moped and e-motorcycle concepts that use the same frame in different configurations.

Image Credit: Ekka

Shimano caters to the urban and commuter crowd with the new EP5 and EP5100 mid-drive motor system. The drives have a maximum range of 167 mi (270 km) and are compatible with Shimano’s Auto Shift function, which provides automatic shifting based on the rider’s pedaling cadence.

Can-Am gets back to its two-wheeled roots…electrically. The 87-year-old motorsports company will launch two new e-motorcycles in late 2024, including the all-terrain Origin and the urban commuter Pulse.

BuymyEV hopes to stand out in the already crowded Indian two-wheeled EV market with the new Indibike which is now available for pre-order. Its distinctive design features swappable batteries, ultra-fat tires, and a low center of gravity for utilitarian comfort.

Image Credit: BuymyEV

New for the European market, Decathlon launches a relatively affordable Van Rysel E-EDR AF aluminum road e-bike. It will be offered with SRAM APEX, Shimano 105, or 105 DI2 drivetrains and powered by a 250W 40Nm Mahle X35 motor, and prices will start at €2,999.

Polaris’ latest trademark hints that the company may have a youth-sized electric ATV in the works.

The Rattan Pinus is a Class 3 utility e-bike that packs a lot of performance in a small package with a… unusual-sounding name. Its dual battery option gives you 1,920 Wh to ensure that you can go longer.

Chowder, the English bulldog continues his mastery of micromobility on his latest shred on an MBoards e-skateboard.


Chowder loves his cool new @MBoards electric skate board. It’s the perfect size for him. Dad’s an amazing coach🥰. It’s gonna be a great su... See more

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