🛹 This Longboard Fits Six Riders and Can Tow a Car

Plus electric skis, a pedal-powered roller coaster, and more.

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What You Need to Know Today

Before we start, check out our breakdown the new Varla Eagle One V2. The Eagle One V2.0 is a high performance electric scooter, equipped to handle both off-road riding and city commuting with ease. You can see all of our Varla reviews here. The Eagle One V2.0 is equipped with dual 1,000 watt motors that have a combined peak draw of 3,200 watts, with combined output of 76 newton-meters of torque, making this scooter a hill climbing monster!

The SurRon_Modders subreddit is a great one to follow if you need inspiration. This beautiful build is dubbed Hornet the Bee Killer and sure to turn heads everywhere.

Go-karts are already fun, but riding one you built is even better. This video from Shredded Oat’s offers an entertaining and educational window into the build process.

Also from Cody Hovland is this extremely long longboard. At 8 ft (2.44 m) long, it can fit six riders at once, and has enough torque to pull a Toyota Supra.

This next electric skateboard build deserves an award for creativity, not to mention bravery for the rider. It’s composed of server racks, miscellaneous laundry room parts, and copious amounts of duct tape, somehow managing to reach speeds of 50 km/h (31 mph).

Have you ever wanted to drive your car into a gym, and work out while still inside? Neither have we, but we love watching someone else do it. Especially when that person is heavyweight bodybuilder Eddie Hall and he’s crammed inside the world’s smallest car.

This toy Barbie car is adorable and packs a serious punch after an electrification ovehaul by Joel Creates. Can you believe it’s powerful enough to go head-to-head against four gas-powered Corvettes?

Monowheels are an exciting concept, relying on a single wheel for transport - like an electric unicycle - but making the wheel huge and placing the rider inside the hub. Unfortunately, they can be hard to balance at low speeds, which is where this robot-driven prototype comes in. Technically two wheels, but we say “close enough”, and the pedrail wheels for obstacle traversal are especially fascinating.

Even roller coasters are going green! This one is small enough to fit in your backyard and powered by a second person on a stationary bike

Winter sports are a blast, but also require you to endure winter conditions. Cody Hovland had a better idea, creating electric skis to bring winter sports to the hot and humid areas of the southern United States.