What’s Going on at the Intersection of AI and Micro?

Plus, how 'potted batteries' can help stop e-bike fires.

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What You Need to Know Today

Potted batteries are a manufacturing process that isolates individual battery cells within a battery, resulting in more durable e-bikes that are less prone to catching fire. E-bike builders like Rad Power and Supergo now install potted batteries on their new models—a standard that may soon be adopted by others in the industry.

ELI announced this week that US residents can pre-order the Zero minicar for $11,900.  If you don’t remember, the ELI Zero was unveiled at Micromobility America in 2022 - watch this video for the full story on the ELI Zero and the design philosophy behind it.

Can an electric motorcycle operate underwater? Watch here to see how well the Surron Ultra Bee performs when dropped into a swimming pool.

Audi steps into the e-bike arena with the new enduro Audi eMTB. Inspired by the Dakar Rally-winning RS Q e-tron racecar, the Audi eMTB is built on a Fantic platform with premium Ohlins front and rear suspension and is powered by a 250W, 90Nm Brose motor.

Haibike introduces a lower-priced race-focused alloy e-MTB that shares some of the DNA of its more expensive carbon siblings. The Hybe 10.5 is an enduro ride powered by a Yamaha PW-XM magnesium-housed motor.

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Do you work in new mobility, specifically vehicle connectivity? You should check out this new whitepaper about how the latest breakthroughs in GNSS tech are shaking up asset tracking. In summary…
🌆 Historically, attaining accurate positioning for mass-market IoT devices has posed challenges due to constraints in GNSS technology, particularly in urban settings where signal interferences and obstructions are prevalent.

🚗 However, operators can now address these challenges through three methods: multi-band GNSS, RTK positioning, and dead reckoning (DR).

💡 Field trials suggest that integrating GNSS with DR or RTK substantially enhances positioning precision, even amidst demanding city landscapes.

Bafang has launched a new automatic shifting internal gear hub. The Gear Variable Transmission (GVT) has 5 speeds and is designed for fat tire e-bikes.

New patent drawings reveal the design of Ola’s first electric motorcycle.

Ryvid announced that the Ryvid Outset will sell for $5,995, with deliveries scheduled to begin in summer 2024. ICYMI we got a sneak peek at the new Ryvid Outset on Ride Review at the 1Moto Show last month.

Ferrato, the premium brand of the battery manufacturer Okaya EV, announced the new Disruptor e-motorcycle, targeted at the Indian market for $1,915 (₹159,999).

Pinion adds fully automatic shifting to its Motor Gearbox Unit (MGU). Pinion claims this new premium internal gear and electric motor unit can change gears at ‘lightning speed’ under any situation – including full pedal load.

New Zealand’s FTN is offering riders of the Streetdog e-moped more oomph with the Streetdog 80, which boasts a top speed of 80 kph (50mph).

Image Credit: FTN

In South Africa, e-bikes are proving to be essential tools for nature conservation efforts, where they are used for anti-poaching patrols, habitat management, environmental education, and community development.

Giant and its female-focused sister brand Liv launched new 2 new hardtail e-MTBs aimed at trail riding (E+) and adventure riding (E+ EX). These new models are ideal for those riders commuting, extended touring, and riding light trails and gravel.

During the China International Bike Fair this week, Yadea displayed its new UFO S e-bike. Designed for the urban commuter, the $350 e-bike has a folding design and tiny 14” wheels making it easy to carry on and off trains and up apartment stairs.

Image Credit: Yadea

The Rouvida is Cervelo’s first foray into electrification. This all-road e-bike features unique adjustable rear chainstays that can switch between shorter length for road performance and longer length for more stable riding and larger tire clearance for gravel riding.

The new BMW CE 02 is a quirky e-moped that is tough to define, and one of its more interesting factoids is that its motor is a repurposed alternator design from the 3,5, 7, and X series hybrid BMV cars and SUVs.

Speaking of BMW, Bymoss Electric Vehicles retrofits iconic and vintage BMW motorcycles with 3D-printed electric motors that retain the signature look of the classic boxer engines.

Image Credit: Bymoss Electric Vehicles