Will Biden’s 100% EV Tariff Impact E-Bikes?

Plus, Ireland at last legalizes electric scooters.

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What You Need to Know Today

Will the Biden administration’s new 100% tariff on Chinese-made EVs include electric bikes and scooters? The government’s announcement is unclear. One thing that is certain is that if micromobility devices are subject to additional tariffs, it will send shockwaves through the market. Currently most of the e-bikes that are sold in the U.S. are produced in China.

Speaking of trade barriers—or the lack thereof—the Philippines will waive import duties on e-motorcycles, e-bikes, and related charging and distribution parts until 2028 as part of an effort to support the transition to reduce the country’s reliance on fossil fuels.

As of yesterday, e-scooters are officially legal to ride in Ireland. Regulations signed by the Minister for Transport will set a speed limit of 20km/h, prohibit the addition of seats, and ban carrying a passenger or goods. Here’s a handy explanation of how each type of vehicle is classified in Ireland.

Image Credit: IrishCycle.com

A new study shows that 40% of bike theft victims in North America give up on cycling and start driving after their bike is stolen. Secure and protected bike parking, bicycle registration, and temporary replacements can mitigate the negative impacts of theft, especially for less active and low-income cyclists.

Related: A Dutch study shows that more people are insuring their bikes against theft (11% YoY increase)—with fat tire e-bikes having the highest average monthly premiums.

Workers in Finland who have access to bike benefits through their job cycle 5x more than the national average, according to a new study.

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The New York City borough of Queens will at last get shared e-scooters this summer. Next up, Brooklyn and Manhattan?

India has surpassed China to become the world’s largest exporter of electric three-wheelers.

The Electrification Finance Initiative, funded by the EU and US’s Power Africa program, is investing $1.6 million in the Gogo Electric startup to develop electric mobility, including electric 2-wheelers and battery swapping stations in East Africa.

Continuing in Africa: Spiro, an India-based electric vehicle company, has signed a $50 million debt financing deal with Afreximbank to expand its existing e-motorcycle operations in Benin, Togo, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Ghana, as well as launch operations in Cameroon and Morocco.

Image Credit: Spiro

Outdoor retail giant REI Co-op released consumer survey results that reveal 68% of cyclists would bike more if dedicated infrastructure were present.

Electric cargo bikes emit 80% less carbon than electric delivery vans, according to bike delivery operator Zedify.

The six-wheeled ePack4 from Cityshuttle is pushing the limits of how we define last-mile e-cargo bikes.

Image Credit: Cityshuttle

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